Mazda MX5 Double-sided Carbon Fiber Hardtop Project #1

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 This project is to customize a double-sided hardtop for our customer xxx's MX5 NB. 

It's to believe that this double-sided Carbon Fiber hardtop will be the 1st double-sided Carbon Fiber hardtop ever customized for Australian market. We will closely monitor & supervise the manufacturing progress.


10/07/2019 The first production of the double-sided MX5 NA/NB Hardtop will be sold for $xxxx. (all details recorded in purchase order comment session) The customer agreed to pay xx% of total cost as deposit of $xxxx, which is $xxxx. The remaining $xxxx will be paid by customer after this product is finished and arrives in Sydney. Order of the product will be placed with manufactuer on 11/07/2019.

11/07/2019 Order placed with manufacturer.

12/07/2019 Discussion on technical details with manufacturer.

25/07/2019 First double-sided hardtop has been made! Photo updated.